Toyota Hilux Rear Bumper 1989 – 2015

new aftermarket part


BRAND NEW – Aftermarket

Toyota Hilux

Rear Bumper

Universal Fit

Fitment: 1989 – 2015

Colour: Chrome

* Note:

This bumper is supplied with bumper irons which are suitable for 1984 – 2004 Hilux. The bumper will also fit 2005 – 2015 models but you will need to reuse your original bumper irons as the earlier version are longer.  Just ask if you have any questions regarding this.

Distance between mounts 1040mm


** chrome is naturally porous and needs protection with a good quality water resistant polish. Before fitment you should apply a coating of chrome clear coat or wax to provide protection against moisture and give the chrome an additional shine and prevent rust spotting.